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Our friend and great supporter Dr David Jacobs had suddenly passed away yesterday at the young age of 61.  He was in the midst of what he liked to do once a year – attend March Madness games. And this time I think he was in Las Vegas and he was just swimming in the hotel pool between games and suddenly died.  He has left his wife Charlotte and 3 kids and an active practice on K Street in Washington. Hard to believe! The APF family…especially the active members are quite small. It’s hard to believe.


Hard to believe we just spoke a couple of days ago. David was eager to move forward with his new project – all came about after our trip to Sderot last November.  He decided that he wanted to make a difference and do something in Israel and specifically in Sderot. We just started fund raising for his project and he suddenly is gone…just like that.  I want to share a letter he sent to his family and friends just few days ago. He told me jokingly few weeks ago that he really wanted to make it happen now because life is just too short.  Our deepest condolences to his family.


יהי זיכרו ברוך!


Ben Shamir

Executive Director

American Physicians & Friends For Medicine In Israel (APF)




This is truly shocking news.  (Baruch Dayan Emes) I had the honor of getting to know David during our last APF disaster preparedness course in Israel. It was a pleasure to share the daily bus rides and meals with such a Mensch ( a great human being). He was a vibrant, sincere, dedicated physician with a true love for Israel and it's people.


David not only witnessed the problems that Sderot faces on a continuing basis he decided to do something about it. Since the trip he has been in constant contact with Ben and me about immediately setting up a clinic in Sderot for healing of the body and mind. His vision was to set up a world class physician primary care center, as well as, offering massage therapy and relaxation techniques to alleviate the citizens anxiety and stress, generated by living under constant missile threat and  attack. His focus and selfless dedication to the project was inspiring.


At this time we wish the family to be comforted amongst the mourners of Jerusalem and Zion. May they only know good times in the future. David has left an indelible legacy of goodness, chesed and charity to his family, patients and friends. May his memory shine as a role model for all of us. May all of those inspired by his greatness continue to fulfill his dream.


Michael Frogel MD

President APF




Sally and I are profoundly saddened and distraught by the passing of Dr. David Jacobs. Along with the many diplomats and members of the staff at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, we owe our health and even our lives to David's selfless, brilliant, and loving care.  And just as his dedication to his patients was boundless, so, too, was his devotion to Israel, where he hoped to practice medicine one day.  His passing is a great loss to Israel and the Jewish People. To Charlotte and your precious children Aviva, Ilana, and Ben, our deepest condolences.  David Jacobs was a healer and a hero and we will mourn him.


Ambassador Michael Oren




Dear David,

It's been a week since your soul moved on to the next chapter, and since you left this life. Yet, I still can't and won't willing to write or talk about you in past tense. Your soul and spirit will always be here, present with us, and they will never be in my past. You will always have a present and a future in my heart and mind.

I thought about what can I write about you. I've decided to put in words the top ten things I'll be missing the most about having you here with us.


1.       The way you love – your life, your family, your job, good food, your friends, your patients, and the way you love life itself.

2.       The level of energy you have every time you walk into a room, especially when you came back home after a long day of working – and still had so much energy and life within you – which made everyone around you just smile and appreciate the moment.

3.       Your kindness and wide heart – the way you help and care about everyone around you.  

4.       The willing to help and being available to me and my family every minute of the day – for anything, anytime. You were there. Treating us as your own family.

5.       The way you believed in me. Always. Your words give me hope and comfort me when needed. You believed in me in times that I didn't even think I had it in me. You knew I did. And you helped me and guided me through the challenges of my life. I'm sure that in some level you will keep on doing that.

6.       Your passion and truth you had in you. About everything. The honest man you are. How passionate about saving others people life. Your huge hugs and love you spread around, smiling and joking. You made us better people.

7.       Your rare ability to be a realistic yet an optimistic doctor. You always look at the body-soul connection and called it as it is, yet you knew how to give people hope and to motivate them to make a change in their life. You saved so many people's life because of that.

8.       The way you care about the Jewish world and Israel, and for wanting to make Israel a better place, and acting for it when possible.

9.       Your passion to sport, the importance of Vitamin D you always talked about, your solutions to things by getting a dog, and your love of swimming.

10.   Last yet not least, the way you and Charlotte open your house and hearts and made me feel as if I was one of your own kids. You always made me feel so welcome and offered your advice and wisdom. Our long conversations about life, the quality and quantity of life and about the way to deal with the cards life gave us.

David, you are always with me. Thank you for enriching my life and for letting me be part of your life. 


From your Israeli daughter who loves you so much,


Shiri-Haya Rahamim




David Jacobs was my oldest friend, as we first became close at age 7 competing at the Illini Sports Day Camp.  A few years later, after I was admitted to the U of Chicago Lab School and knew nobody, he made it his business to introduce me to everyone and make me feel welcome.  Later we were high school competitors and teammates, he the point guard and I a shooting guard.

Senior year we made plans to go to Florida for spring break. The night before we left, another player landed on my ankle and broke it.  I saw David on 
the sideline thinking our trip was off.  He went with me to the ER and waited through the x-rays and the annoying cast they fitted on the ankle. I can still see him laughing and yelling "if I have to carry you on the plane, we're going to Florida in the morning!"  We went and had a ball, my limping notwithstanding.

Later we both, separately, lived in Israel, he first...his wistful letters whetting my appetite to check the place out.... and developed a love for that tortured and inspiring place that endured over the decades for both of us.....perhaps his greatest lament about Israel was his futile quest to find his favorite meal:
an utterly plain burger, soft bun, no condiments in sight, and peeled cucumbers on the side.  Middle Eastern food didn't do it for him.

A few years later, back in the States and preparing for his Medical Boards, he drove 6 hours to be with me at the Shiva for my mother, who died prematurely at 49. He stayed for the evening, then turned around and drove back to med school....look up mensch in the dictionary and it will say SEE DAVID JACOBS.

We didn't see each other the last number of years, as David married well and started a practice and family in DC, but we talked on the phone.  Both being inveterate jocks, we could appreciate a sports metaphor, and as we crossed the 60 barrier we knew we were playing in the fourth quarter and
the dreaded end zone was up ahead.  That being said, he was taken out way too early. This is an ache that won't go away soon. Rest in peace, haver sheli.

In Chicago, his friend David Shopiro




I was David's patient for 20 years - I stopped catching every virus in town after he put me on allergy shots.  I brought in my daughter Lily a couple of years ago and he bent over backwards to find a way to get her on the right allergy shot program even though her school is well over an hour away from his office. I tussled with him regularly:

"David, I really can't afford all these tests." (He cut me an occasional, much appreciated break on this, and I sort of solved it by having physicals every other year instead of every year, not his preferred solution!) 

"David, I don't know if it was a brown recluse spider bite or what, but I really don't think it was shingles!" (but gosh, David, thank you for calling me back within minutes on a Saturday as my fever suddenly went crazy high while we were on the road driving from DC to Maine, and then figuring out and quickly getting back to me which was the best quality emergency room within range, and then calling back Sunday morning - "Susan, you are supposed to call me back and tell me how you are!!")

Leaving a message - "David, I'm calling you about Lily, I know you're not her internist but I really need advice" - at 9 pm.  He called back quickly, as always, listened to me for over ten minutes, and then told me what was going on was crazy, and what needed to happen ("Susan, she is 15 1/2, she has an adult body and needs to be treated medically like an adult"), giving me the information and support to go back to her pediatricians and make noise until we got the doctors and tests and procedures she needed and, shortly after that, her Crohn's diagnosis. Blessings on him.

And my favorite - "David, do you think you could please stop telling me I'm going to die if I don't get every last test you want? It is over the top and very upsetting." (He stopped in his tracks - rare in itself - looked at me hard, said "hmm.  I'll have to ask my wife about that.")

When I last saw him, last year, he said - I'm sure I'm not the only one to have been told this - "my enemy is death."  I thought of that immediately when I was flattened on my way in to work March 31st by the letter from the office.  Death came ridiculously too soon, especially for someone so spectacularly alive - but what a life.

I have never met you, but like many others I have been thinking of you and your children a lot over the past weeks, holding you all in the light in the Quaker tradition that is my background. In this case, given who David was, somehow it seems to me to be quite a sparkling, warm, fizzy light.

Warmest wishes and appreciation, 

Susan McAdams





On returning from a trip overseas, I was shocked to learn of Dr. Jacob's passing. He helped me in immeasurable ways. I'd like to share just one story that exemplifies Dr. Jacobs as a physician. During one of my appointments, I told Dr. Jacobs that I always passed out at the dentist's office when I received novocaine shots as a kid. Because of the fear of passing out, I had gone 25 years without any pain relief whenever a dental procedure was performed, but could no longer stand doing this. Dr. Jacobs decided to test to see if I was allergic to novocaine and I was highly allergic, but only to novocaine not the other "caines" now in more common use. Still, the association between numbness and passing out was so strong, I hit the ground even when the dentist didn't use novocaine. What did Dr. Jacobs do? He made an appointment for me at his dentist, came to the appointment with me, held my hand, and talked me through the numbing injection -- all on his own time without charge. The result: I didn't pass out and I've been fine at the dentist ever since. What a truly caring doctor. And this is just one of many examples. I will miss you.


Robert Feldman, Falls Church, Virginia




Byron and I are saddened to to learn of our beloved Dr. Jacobs' sudden passing in March. What a void this has created in your lives and in the lives of so many other people.


For you, his beloved family, we pray that God will give you the grace and strength to face each day without your beloved husband, father, brother, uncle. May the many beautiful memories you have of Dr. Jacobs sustain you through these difficult days.


We also want to express our gratitude for the love and care Dr. Jacobs showed to us as well as all his other patients. He will never be forgotten for, in my case, he is in my thoughts as I take my medication each day. How can I forget when he is the one who provided me with the medication that finally stabilized my blood pressure. How can I forget when he is the one who discovered that I had h pylori. In all our years of visiting doctors, we have not met anyone like him -- so thorough and personal.


May he rest in peace.


With love and prayers






Dear Charlotte,
I am writing this from Florence, Italy, where I am spending a week with one cousin from Israel and one from New Jersey.  I awoke this morning at 3 am and in attempt to fall back asleep, I went online to Facebook.  It was there that I found your beautiful tribute to David; and I have spent the last couple of hours remembering David and thinking of you and your family.

It's been so many years since we have seen you, but the memories of our one year together in Pittsburgh are so strong and vibrant in my mind.  How we laughed.  How we shared the challenges of the guys' internship year.  You may not remember, but David was the intern assigned to care for Mark's mom when she was admitted to Montefiore that July.  I can only now appreciate how complicated that might have felt to him.....but he never gave any indication that that was the case.  His deep caring and support are what I remember from that difficult time; he was such a loving and caring soul.

I think back to our year together and the friendship forged 36 years ago.  What do I remember?  His laughter.  His Midwestern accent!  The twinkle in his eyes.  And the way you two were together.  What a team you were.  I do remember that, and it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.  I remember New Years that year and how we celebrated together.

I am so glad we managed to find one another years ago in Pittsburgh.  I feel so fortunate to have rediscovered you through the internet again, after so many years apart.  Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family and hope that these memories that people share from all over the world and the love and support of all of your friends, near and far, will bring you comfort and strength in the days to come.

I feel, with deep sadness, the immensity of your loss.  We will miss David, his spirit, his commitment and the energy he shared with the world.  May his memory be a blessing to all of us who knew him.

With deep sympathy and love,
Ilene Safyan




Dr. Jacobs became my physician in the mid 1980's. He was with me through girlfriends, marriage, kids and colitis. We were pretty much the same age...but I married late to a younger woman and he was determined to keep me alive until well past 100. I was confident that I would never die from something Dr. J had overlooked.  


His physicals were legendary. My friends were astounded when I told them how thorough they were. The best part of the exam (aside from the jokes he cracked during the proctological portion) was heading back to his office for a chat.  There we would discuss not just my physical...but psychological fitness as well. We'd argue about NPR's coverage of Israel and why I needed additional tests because I had recently been in tromping through some bacteria filled quagmire.


I always knew Dr. J had my back. It's hard to fathom that he is gone. 



Peter Breslow




Still stunned at David's passing. Such a great physician and a friend who saved my life… May he rest in peace.


Mike Oxley, McLean, VA




Dr. Jacobs was my doctor for 20+ years.  He saved me many times over.  From sending me for a CAT scan of my sinuses the same day I complained of unusual pain, which found a benign tumor, to sending me for an endoscopy when I complained of upper abdominal pain, to advising me about depression medication he was involved in every step of my medical and mental health.  Dr. J - I know you're looking down on me and I'm still working on losing the extra weight! 


Barbara Deathe




I just received the news today that our amazing and precious Dr. Jacobs had passed. I first saw him for a physical nearly twenty years ago. I remember experiencing a man unlike any doctor I had ever known. David paid attention, noticed everything – empathic, engaged, uncompromising, challenging – tracking me from the first greeting in the waiting room to the final hug on leaving. On a first visit, his intensity could be discomfiting, until you knew it was all in service to finding out how he could best help. No complaint was trivial, no evasion unnoticed. Others have mentioned his love of sports; he brought all his players to the field in every interaction. His curiosity was unparalleled, connecting a health issue, by turns, to some obscure journal article or a Times article. I will remember him most as an irreverent, funny, hilarious man, making light of the most ignominious tasks, making bearable the deadly serious advice. I envy those in heaven, the ones who will enjoy his constant presence now. What gales of laughter will come inspired by his antics there? How will he challenge them?


Peter Bonner, Fairfax, Virginia




I am shocked and saddened at this news.

Living in the Virgin Islands 30 years ago, I had a problem and called friends here in Washington to recommend a doctor, was given Dr. Jacob's name, and for all these years he has been my Doctor, confidant, and nagging advisor. He had no love for my lifestyle, mainly my fondness for good food and several drinks a night, and constantly lectured me about this, always ending with that I am an old fashioned southern boy who doesn't like doctors medicine or spiritual or psychological help, and he that he understood but didn't approve, and then a hug, and sending me out with instructions to see about 3 specialists every time, and it was a lucky time when I would follow through with one.

He oversaw my prostate cancer, and directed me to great doctors, he was interested in my marital problems, and the last time I saw him he was pondering how he could help my business, always interested, always concerned.

Beginning after my first child was born, he always told me that his job was to keep me alive till I got my kids (now 12 and 14) out of college, and on their own, he liked to promise that, after that, he would give up on me, that I could just lead any lifestyle that I wanted. Joking of course, but all these years I have known that Dr. Jacobs "Had my Back".

He is not here to fulfill that promise.

Jay Houston, Washington, District of Columbia




I had only met Dr. Jacobs as a colleague six months ago and I was immediately impressed by him both as a physician and a human being. I passed by his office a week ago on Friday, noticed the door was closed but only yesterday did I find out about his passing. He will be missed...


Alexander Mark, Washington, District of Columbia




I just discovered this sad event, when I received the letter from David's office. My husband and I were patients for many years, and the news is devastating for us. David was the best diagnostician, after my own father, and was someone on whom we relied to be clear and funny and absolutely right on. When diagnosing, he always made me laugh out loud.

My favorite moment, of many such, was when he suggested a machine that would bounce to stem the osteoporosis he had diagnosed. I pointed out that I did not need a machine to bounce, as a dance professor, I was quite capable of bouncing myself. As we bounced in his office, he mused that we might be on to something...

We are considering our options for health care and know that we will never see the like of this great man.

Karen Bradley and Richard Bell




I want to extend my deepest sympathies to Dr. J's family, friends, and staff. Since hearing the news, I have moved from shocked to disbelief to profound sadness to an extent that has been uncharacteristic for and surprising to me. If Dr. J were here, he'd have a theory about what I am really responding to and the name of 2 therapists I should see to work it through. I (on the other hand) believe it is just a recognition of the importance he has had in my life over the past 7 years and, in particular, in the last year.  


Over the past 7 years, I have affectionately referred to Dr. J to friends and family as "my crazy doctor." Crazy because he ordered more tests than any doctor I'd ever had, he prescribed more vitamins, he followed up on any stray ache or pain, and he probed areas of my life that others avoided. Consistent with the other comments, he showed a passion and concern about me and my total health (physical, mental, spiritual) that went well beyond a typical doctor-patient relationship. Last year his extra probing resulted in finding a sizable, asymptomatic, unruptured aneurysm in my brain. That, of course, moved me to his daily "worry list" with all the focus and intensity that carries. (In typical Dr. J fashion, the test showing the aneurysm was on Friday afternoon. Although he received a panicked call from the radiologist late that day, he waited until 8:00 pm Sunday night to call me because all I could do over the weekend was worry.) He then guided us (and he insisted that my husband was present for every visit to the various specialists) through the process of identifying experts, arranging appointments, deciding on a treatment, and getting it done. We had long thoughtful discussions about the options and he was incredibly supportive during the recovery phase. Six months after the procedure,  I was admitted to the hospital so they could check and see if it was working. I still have on my phone the message Dr. J left for me the night before that visit wishing me well and letting me know I was in his thoughts. Even before his passing, that was a message I knew I wanted to keep.


I saw Dr J on March 13. I left the appointment with books and articles, a warm feeling over his response to some good news in my life, and the confidence that he was going to help me tackle some lingering issues. I am grateful for that last visit and for all the calls, and cards, and laughs over the last 7 years. 


To the family - Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the many ways in which Dr. J was special to us. I hope you find strength and some comfort in the many stories. God be with you. 


A sad but grateful patient. 


Brenda Mallory




Dr. Jacobs helped me when no one else could and saved my life. I am forever grateful for all he did for me and I will miss him as my doctor and my friend. Thinking of his family in this difficult time.


Tal Solovey, Rockville, Maryland




Dr. Jacobs was so much more than a great physician. His passion for care was unparalleled in the profession. He was the first primary care physician I had who took my physical, mental, and spiritual health to heart. He tried so hard to help me become the person he knew that I could be. It is with regret that only after we parted ways, I finally implemented his treatment plan. I know that he would have been proud to see me as I am today. May his memory and soul be treasured forever.


Stan Rosen, Olney, Maryland




I cannot believe that he is gone. He was more than just a doctor to me. He always told me that he loved me like a son. I will always remember the discussions we had in his office. He will be missed. He told me in 1992 that he came to the East Coast to straigten it out. I am sure he did what he set out to do.


Freddie Broadway, Fredericksburg, Virginia




So sorry to hear the bad news. He was my Dr. for 9 years. The last time I saw him, he looked healthy. Hard to imagine him dead!


Cecilia Alava, Silver Spring, Maryland




Dr. Jacobs was a unique doctor. He didn't just want to know how you were doing health wise, he wanted to know how you were doing emotionally. He asked about friends, family and loved ones. He went out of his way to help his patients and for this reason, among many others, I will miss him.


Chantal Beale, Cambridge, Massachusetts




I spoke with David just one month ago. I had left a message on his cell phone. He called me back shortly thereafter. I told him that my wife was due to deliver in 2 weeks and we needed advice about whether to induce. We spoke at length and he gave, as always was the case, sound, thoughtful and wise counsel. When I went to him thinking I had heart disease, he knew instinctively that I needed an upper endoscopy as my symptoms were more likely related to acid reflux. Of course, he was right. When I last met with him a few months ago, he told me of his travels and work in Israel and sent me an article about that great work.

There are few people I can even imagine missing as much as I will miss David. He was a true humanitarian, a lively, engaged, spirited, supremely insightful soul. He will be sorely missed by so many. I cry thinking about his loss and what it means for his family, his office and the community large and small. I will be forever grateful for his being.


David Sanford, Washington, District of Columbia




It is so sad to learn of the great loss. Dr. Jacobs is a terrific doctor and a unique person. I will always remember his great sense of humor and his continued support beyond his medical profession. He will be greatly missed in the US, Israel and Palestine.


Bashar Masri, Ramallah




I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news of Dr. Jacobs' passing. He was my physician for the last 14 years and, as so many have already expressed, was such sincere and caring professional., but also had a great sense of humor. My heart goes out to his family and everyone in his office. My thoughts and prayers are with you. His passing is an enormous loss. I will miss him dearly.


Susan Fritz, Nairobi, Kenya




I'm so sorry to hear about David's death. He was an excellent doctor and a great advocate for me. He was a wonderful spirit, I will miss him very much. I was very lucky to know him.


Jerry Coursey, Silver Spring




Dr. J was the kindest man I have known. He was much more than a physician; a coach, and friend he was. Dr. J was an angel to his patients. He never rushed in conversation and care allowing one to feel engaged and connected. He was always clear and present. He was demanding, but in the right way; for peoples lives and families depended upon his care and expertise. 

His love for family and baseball we shared, which we routinely ended visits discussing both. A big hug from a small man is how they ended. I wish I could have another. 

Dr. J,


Jason Belser, Ashburn, Virginia




My deepest condolences to the Jacobs family and his dedicated team. David was a huge part of my personal and professional life for the last 20+ years. His high standards and dedication to his family and patients were ideals very few doctors can ever achieve on the level he maintained. I am a better (and healthier) husband, father, doctor and friend because of him. His passing leaves a void in my life and in our community.


Eugene Giannini, Washington, District of Columbia




The news reached me late while traveling much against Dr. Dave's advice to slow down after retirement. In addition to being a superb doctor the best one could ever find, he was intensely interested in me and his patients as human beings. It was always the after examination that was most interesting where we would talk about life, work, travel, art, running and a myriad of other topics. It was always a fascinating time which often included his threats to fire me if I did not shape up - something that always sticks in my mind whenever I stray from his medical advice. Every visit ended with a huge hug. I was just coming to Washington again after almost three years and looking forward to another appointment, and talk - one that will now be sadly missed

Paul Mitchell, Vancouver, British Columbia




I am so sorry, what a shock to see that Dr. J has passed away suddenly.


George Doumar, Falls Church, Virginia




Can't believe most profound condolences. Funny thing, Dr Dave would never disclose the names of patients, of course, but I recognize some of the names in this guest book as friends and old acquaintances. He certainly had a wonderful community of patients in the practice, people who in their own right, you would trust judgement and opinion. It is reassuring to see we all had David as our doc. Godspeed, Dr.


Alan Noznesky, Darnestown, Maryland




I am stunned and feel a deep, unending loss. David was my friend and my doctor for 23 years. I just learned about his passing and just cannot write more now. My deepest sympathy for his loving family. The man was brilliant; now the path of life is just a bit more dim.


Jeff Birrell, McLean, Virginia




I am sending my heartfelt condolences to his family, staff and patients. I knew Dr. Jacob's for more than 15 years. I couldn't agree more about what others have said. He was the best doctor that I ever met. I will truly missed him.


Jairo Santana, Chevy Chase, Maryland




David was such an amazing cat; I never found another Doctor that came anywhere near bringing the same brilliance, devotion, or heart to his practice. I loved sitting down with him at the end of an appointment. Never once did one of these visits occur with out him saying something about how he adored his wife, or how happy and lucky a man he was. I recently moved back to DC and had the pleasure of renewing my "Dr J" appointments, and his bear hugs and eye twinkle would be the highlight of the (sometimes bad news-filled) visit. If I am this heartbroken, I know I can never imagine the loss for those who had the pleasure of sharing his life and his practice. I hope it helps to know how adored he was by all of us, and how much we will miss him too.


Cyndy Kennedy, Washington, District of Columbia




Whilst on extended stay in Europe, I only learned of Dr. Jacobs' demise last night. I am stunned by this loss. It is his family, his patients and also my loss. He nurtured me as he would a member of his dearest family, having actually saved my life by an early breast cancer diagnosis. Visits to his office were a socially uplifting events, although the news were not always stellar -- but he knew where the silver lining was. With his trusted medical colleagues and his office full of devoted coworkers I was guided to health. There are no words to express the gratitude and human love my family and I felt for this incredible human being. I was privileged to have been his patient and recipient of his knowledge, lovely smile, unforgettable jokes and love he bestowed upon his patients. It would be a poor testimony to David if I said I feel lost now -- although at this moment I confess freely I do. I am gathering my strength "the Jacobs way" and trying to live my life to the full. I would like to express my eternal gratitude to him, and my most sincere condolences to his family. Goodbye David, your American-Serbian-Jewish friend.


Jelena Pantelic, Chevy Chase, Maryland




Dr. Jacobs was our family doctor. He engaged with us at a level we had never experienced previously and he played a significant role in our individual and collective health and well-being. His passion to ‘leave no stone unturned' revealed the causes – ultimately leading to resolutions – for some chronic health concerns. It is hard to imagine not having Dr. Jacobs to turn to as a resource and an advocate. We will miss him dearly. Our most heartfelt condolences go out to his family and to his office staff.


Alison & Michael Taylor and Garrett Davis, San Diego, California and Be, Maryland




I'd like to add something a little different about Dr. Jacobs who we all know was a terrific doctor. I was a catcher in college and he was pitcher drafted by the Cubs. He hurt his arm and when he heard that I was a catcher he wanted to throw to me as part of his rehab. So he would come to my home and just beyond my backyard we would have our sessions near the tennis courts of Kenwood Country Club. He could pitch! I am so sorry to know he is gone and my deepest sympathy to his family!


Barry J. Nace, Chevy Chase, Maryland




It's hard to put into a few words the impact that Dr. Jacobs had on my life. In a relatively short period of time (18 months), Dr. Jacobs dramatically changed my life and I would go so far as to say saved it. Through his counsel, guidance and his top-flight team, I am a much healthier and happier woman. I didn't think it would be possible and I had essentially resigned myself to living with my various, chronic ailments. The change was so dramatic that my husband started to see Dr. Jacobs ten months ago, and now he is well on the way to being considerably healthier and happier. What I will miss most of all, though, is the loving yet tough way that he treated his patients. He truly cared about us and would often call on the weekends just to see how we were doing. He pushed us to be the best we could be and I often find myself thinking about my choices (what to eat, whether to exercise, whether to have dessert, etc.) in the context of what Dr. Jacobs would think. Like all of the others who have provided their thoughts below, I am truly saddened and shocked by the sudden loss. However, I feel so blessed to have known him and I will remember him fondly forever.


Kathryn Martin, Rockville, Maryland




I am so sad about Dr. Jacobs passing away. I still find it hard to believe. He was my doctor for about 25 years. And he was not just my doctor he was a friend. He saw me through many stages in my life. He was always available when I needed his advise, and called even if it was a weekend. I was just talking to my sisters about him recently about what a great doctor I had. Even though he's gone he will always live in all of us that knew him. And I'll never forget the last advise he gave me on my last visit. It was so funny. That's the way he was, a little tough but kind and caring. I'll miss him. I wish you all a lot of strength and may you find peace in knowing so many people loved him.


Elvira Agron, Potomac, Maryland




Dr. Jacobs will truly be missed by us.  It is no exaggeration to say he was one of the great diagnosticians - zeroing in on health issues no other doctor, even specialist, would have suspected and found even with the best techniques - from a rare parasitic disease to a microscopic thyroid growth. We can truly say that he saved our lives - stepping in, taking charge and laying down the law. He was a deeply caring and committed physician - the epitome of what doctoring should be about. He was one of a kind and irreplaceable. Dr. Jacobs was all about his patients and we knew he loved us. What more could we have asked for. We loved Dr. Jacobs.

Dan and Irma Maldonado, Washington, District of Columbia




We were very sorry to hear about Dr. Jacob's death. He was our doctor for over a decade, and saw us through good times and bad. We saw him last September. We had no idea it would be the last time. 

RIP Dr. Jacobs. We miss you.


Tatiana Lawrence, Kiev, Ukraine




When relocating to Washington in 1982 and looking for a local doctor, I was blessed to have connected up with the young associate of another DC doctor -- that young associate, Dr. Jacobs, was excited to tell me about the art work he was collecting for his future private practice and his vision for practicing medicine. I feel honored to have participated in that young doctor's vision over the past 32 years. In all the years following, he never lost that enthusiasm for what health care should be or his focus on caring for his patents. Yes, I was one of those patents he would occasionally threaten to fire as a patient; but he would just as quickly write out a humorous “prescription” that you could never take to your pharmacy to be filled. On a Thursday, when my wife received a diagnosis from a specialty doctor that didn't “sound right” to Dr. Jacobs, he called and within two hours had a Monday morning appointment for her in Baltimore with a world leading expert in that specialty area. The outpouring of appreciation written here by all, is not only about the success of his vision, but the humanity and caring of the man. Dr. Jacobs, you will always be in our hearts – and we will always remember your warm, caring smile!


Bill Kyburz, Vienna, Virginia




I am a psychologist who worked with David for many years. He loved and cared about all of his patients with a passion. His approach to being their doctor was pure and driven to sometimes saving, but always enriching their physical and mental health. I will miss his passion and authenticity.


Dr. Mindy Jacobs, Washington, DC




Well, I was dodging calls from the office about my annual physical just a few weeks ago. I quit desert for lent hoping that and some exercise would help, thought I would call next week. You see Dr. J wanted me to loose some weight (me too) and after 25 years of being his patient I didn't want to disappoint David or be fired. 

It is impossible to describe the impact that Dr. Jacobs had upon family and myself. During that time he has unraveled several puzzles in my family's medical issues- all with positive results. He discovered and treated thyroid issues in my wife that enabled us to have our 3rd child, Charlotte. He prevented our eldest daughter from having unnecessary gall bladder surgery when he detected her allergies to gluten and dairy. Well, the list could go on but Doctor J's uncompromising leadership, honesty and not on my watch attitude made him the world's best Doctor for me.

Now, like everyone who knew him, I wish I could hear his laugh, receive his council and get one more hug.

Jeff Gehrs, Alexandria, Virginia




David was truly an amazing physician. At a time when the entire health care system is designed to prevent doctors from serving as anything more than specialized practitioners in narrowly defined clinical specialties, David somehow refused such an approach, demanding instead a full understanding of each patient's health care needs and indeed of his or her life and providing exceptional health care and wise life counsel to all. Although I had only been his patient for two-and-a-half years, he literally saved my life in several ways. I cannot express how deeply I've been affected by his passing, and can only imagine the devastation it has brought to his family and friends. I truly hope that all of you who knew David well will, over time, find that your memories of a life well lived will dull the pain of his loss and that those memories will continue to enrich your lives.


Alan Rosenbloom, Laguna Niguel, CA, California




Dr. Jacobs changed our lives for the better in so many ways. Whether by addressing a modest condition that improved daily life or serious issues that required more immediate healing, Dr. J helped us like no other doctor. We will miss his genius, enthusiasm, and friendship. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


Steven and Jennifer Marks, Bethesda, Maryland




I will always keep the memories of Dr. Jacobs with me. He was a man of great integrity who cared deeply for everyone. I will especially miss our conversations about life and the importance of family. He loved talking about each of you and I feel as though I know you. Thank you for sharing him with us. May God bless, and keep you always.


Sophia Kirby, Washington, District of Columbia




Dr. J was unique. My son saw numerous specialists for years without positive results. After six weeks with Dr. Jacobs, more tests than anyone thought were needed, and a hug, he changed everything. Among other things, he prescribed surgery for my son, which happened today (with success). When the surgeon told us the news about Dr. J, we were stunned. Dr. J can't be replaced. He was a special man; he made a difference.


Barry Nigro, McLean, Virginia




The Members and fellow colleagues of the Greater Washington Asthma, Allergy & Immunology Society (GWAAIS) send our condolences to the family, staff and patients of our dear friend and colleague. Dr. Jacobs will be missed by all.


Susan McMath, GWAAIS, District of Columbia




Dr. Jacobs was incredibly important to me and my family. He was, for many years, the completely trusted physician and friend to my wife and me. Dr. J. created and shared a wise and caring medical practice that meant the world to us. His candor, concern, humor and advice was always treasured, as will be his memory. Dr. J.'s influence will live on in our family, and we will strive to follow his guidance for a happy and healthy life for as long as we carry on. Thank you Dr. Jacobs - David - for your many life-sustaining gifts to us and all those around you. Your family is in our thoughts, and we thank them for all they did to support you as you supported us. Rest in peace.


Daniel Neal, Chevy Chase, Maryland




We are still in shock to believe that our beloved friend is gone. Our beloved friend with his great heart will not call us anymore to just talk with us as he used to from time to time. It's so difficult to believe it. Just a few days before the terrible news he called me to check how we were and shared with me his idea to have a clinic in Sderot where he could volunteer and offer his services to people who don't have he means. This was David! I always called him the best doctor but he was so modest he did not believe it but I know very well that a guy at our embassy in Washington owes his life to him! There was not a single time when I asked David to help other people and he didn't do it immediately with his big heart and his willingness to help. He was always happy always with his great sense of humor and we loved to be around him and his beloved family. He will always be in our hearts and we loved him very very much


Danny - Eva Biran and the girls, Israel




Dr. Jacobs was the most extraordinary doctor and healer that we ever had. I will always remember his humor, as well as the thoroughness he brought to everything he did medically. May his memory be a blessing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Know that he was beloved as a doctor, and as a friend.




I met Dr. Jacobs 18 years ago when all other doctors had dismissed my symptoms. As others have stated, he was my friend, my coach, my physician. We all share the pain in your loss. My prayers are with you. He loved his family and as recently in January, mentioned how beautiful his wife is. He took joy in his children and took care of his patients. We have lost a giant amongst us.


Regina Schofield, Alexandria, Virginia




Description: was a new patient in 2001. David's first words to me were “If you don't do what I say, I'll fire you!” How does one respond to that kind of honesty? I smiled of course – really, you couldn't help it. At the same time, I remember thinking “what kind of doctor is this?”

Over the years, I learned. He practiced medicine as a zealot, and never, ever was a stone left unturned. His occasionally brusque exterior was illuminated by simple acts of kindness - a phone call here, a note there, and probably the most humorous physical examination reports ever written. If David sent you to a specialist, a somewhat bemused reaction would inevitably follow - SPECIALIST: (raising eyebrow and smiling) – “Oh YES, I know David!” 

And how can we forget the merry prankster? Most people fear the prostate exam, but David and his “really big glove” routine always put the patient at ease.

Like so many others who have written, he saved my life. Twice. I loved him for his passionate advocacy. I feared him for his uncompromising directness. I envied him for his startling intuition. Above all, I trusted him. 

I will miss him so much. Where will we ever find another doctor who gives bear hugs? 

My deepest condolences to David's family, his staff, and his friends. And to my fellow patients, let's remember him fondly – he would insist on it!!!


Chip Kerby, Madison, New Jersey




Dr Jacobs was not just a customer to me as a pharmaceutical rep, but he was a great friend to me for 6 years. He always was concerned about me and was always there for me as a friend, a mentor, a coach, and an educator, even if it was to make me laugh. He thought so highly of his family that I felt like I actually knew them. I love you Dr. Jacobs, I miss you, and our hilarious secrets will forever be safe with me. I know you are shining down on me and I laugh sometimes when I hear your responses to my tears. I promise I will continue to do great things as you always believed in me. You will forever be in my heart.  I could never say I love and miss you enough. I'll see you again one day my dear friend.


Catherine Jones, Washington DC




Dr. Jacobs healed me when others failed. I will never forget him saying "I will find out what is wrong with you, and I will make you better". And he did. He has been my primary doctor ever since. He was an extraordinary man, and an even more extraordinary doctor. I will miss him greatly. My thoughts and prayers with his family.


Bill Sheldon, Washington, District of Columbia




We are shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of David Jacobs. My wife and I have been his patients over the last twenty years, and he has provided profound benefits to our lives. Our hearts go out to his family.


Douglas Browning, Santa Clara, California




I was so sad to hear of Dr. Jacobs' sudden passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ben, your mother and sisters. May his memory be a blessing. Warm hugs to all,


Sylvie Spielman, Greensboro




What a shock it is for someone who devoted his life and career to health and living to have such an untimely passing. Dr. Jacobs was a brilliant physician and caring professional. He changed many lives for the better. He is already missed by all who knew him and depended on him, certainly by this one saddened patient.


Ron Faucheux, Washington, District of Columbia




Our thoughts and prayers are with the David Jacobs family.
From David's Colleagues and Friends at the Greater Washington Asthma, Allergy & Immunology Society.




David was my friend and doctor for 27 years, and I never left his presence without feeling better about myself. He had uncanny medical sense that was bested only by his view of life. He loved his family, his staff, and patients, who were also his friends. Heaven has gained an extraordinary new citizen.


Paul Battaglia, Great Falls, Virginia




David epitomized the role of the primary care physician. He was relentless in exploring every symptom of a potential health problem. He was holistic in caring for all aspects of his patients' well-being. He focused intensely on preventing disease and, when an illness was found, taking every measure to ensure it was cured. David's care for 20 years saved my life and gave me the opportunity to enjoy a long and healthy one. He said his goal was to help me live to age 100. How incredibly sad it is that his own life ended so short of the gift he sought for his patients. 

I don't know if there is another primary care doctor as good as David. My wife and I will search long and hard for one. Perhaps his stellar staff, so well schooled in David's gold standard of care, can recruit one or, more likely, two or three to sustain his exemplary practice.

In our spiritual discussions, David often shared his belief that God has a plan for everyone. As I puzzle over David's case, perhaps God was recruiting a heavenly healer. Let's hope the saints and angels and others on High are prepared for annual physicals more rigorous and demanding than they could ever imagine.

Good-bye my friend. You were special.


Bill Greer, Washington, District of Columbia




The passing of Dr. Jacobs is a huge loss. He recently agreed to help me prepare for an eminent life-saving medical procedure. In the spring of 2015, I will be eligible for a kidney transplant, if my body is otherwise disease free. That operation was stalled in 2009 due to the discovery of breast cancer. With Dr. Jacobs, I finally felt much more optimistic about reaching that goal. At my first -- and what would be my only -- visit with him, Dr. Jacobs outlined a detailed diagnostic chart. I could have been scared away by all the tests he suggested, but I was actually pleased by the care and attention. I realized immediately that if anyone could guide me to a kidney transplant, it would be Dr. Jacobs. At that visit, his humanity, depth of character, intelligence, and humor filled the room. My condolences to all that loved and lost him.


Nora Greer, Washington, District of Columbia




He was more than a brilliant doctor -- he was a friend, coach, and powerful advocate. I am fortunate to have known him for 23 years, and I thank his family for sharing David with all of us.

Steve Arkin




Not only did Dr. Jacobs teach me many lessons in health, but many life lessons. With much love to his family and friends.


Robert Shalett, Washington, District of Columbia




David had been my primary care physician for 32 years, nearly half my life. I will not be able to replace him. We shared a love for baseball, both as lefty pitchers. Before a recent surgical procedure, he gave me a baseball to carry for comfort. I always felt total confidence in his care. He’s the only doctor who gave me books to read. I will always measure other doctors according to his standard of care, and I will miss him sorely as a friend.


Gordon Pavy, Silver Spring, Maryland




Aviva - you and your family are in my thoughts. May his memory be a blessing...


Rebecca Bromberg Hall, New York, New York




One of the most talented physicians have had the privilege liaising and receiving advice in Patient management.  Deepest Condolences to the Family, friends, colleagues and staff at this difficult time.  A most untimely passing.
Rest In Peace David


Mike, Tbilisi




David was one of a kind; a unique, authentic, and truly marvelous man. 

My physicals and visits were immediately followed by a spirited conversation in his office that invariably included politics, philosophy, and spirituality. But they ended with a detailed lecture focused solely on my long-term health. They were followed a few weeks later by a 3-page single spaced letter memorializing every word, along with some lively adjectives. He cared deeply about his fellow man, and he channeled that into passionate advocacy for his patients' health. Like so many others, I came to love Dr. J. 

My condolences to his family. Your beloved David embodied what it meant to live a meaningful life.

And condolences and thank you to his marvelous staff who treat every patient with so much care and dignity.


Dave Lougee, Great Falls, Virginia




Dr. "J", would refer to himself as the Captain of the ship. And he most certainly was. It is funny that I'm now just understanding what he called, "a method of my madness." He wanted to push people to the limits so that they could change the parts of themselves that they feared to. I respected this man. I appreciated his words of encouragement and his never ending generosity. There could NEVER be another Dr. "J". I just wanted to say thank you.

Love, Carlos, Aniesha, Jubri, Star, & Santino

Crossing the Bar
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

For tho' from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crost the bar. 


Carlos Bell, Dunkirk, Maryland




Dr. Jacobs was the most incredible doctor I've ever known, and I count myself incredibly lucky to have come under his care several years ago. He's supported and cared for me through some very difficult times, and I don't know where I would be today without his care. The passion with which he fought for his patients, his steadfast determination to find what would help each of us, and the compassion and humor with which he delivered these to his patients - I've never known a doctor to be so completely present, focused, and generous with both his time and his spirit. I'll miss his brilliance, his tell-it-to-me-straight-ness, his humor, his kindness, and the chats and banter we had at each appointment. The world truly doesn't shine as bright now as it did only a few days ago. I'll miss my Dr. Jacobs, and I'll always be grateful to him.

To the Jacobs family, please accept my deepest condolences and know that my thoughts are with you. May his memory be a blessing, and provide you comfort.


Jill Garfinkle, Rockville, Maryland




His spirit continues to live through his children, family and all the many people he touched and influenced in his life! May his memory be of a blessing!!

Ruth and Yigael Gavish, Summerfield, North Carolina




My heart is heavy with grief upon hearing this sad news. Dr. Jacobs was more than my doctor; he was my friend and I felt loved by him as a father would his daughter. Dr. Jacobs cared for his patients with so much compassion, care, and love - something that is rare to find in today's world. He treated his patients like family, including my uncle who needed urgent care when he needed medical attention while visiting the US from Kenya. I will miss our conversations, his humor, the books he shared with me (and still treasure), and his sage advise on all aspects of life.

Dr. Jacobs will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace and may his family find a peace that passes all understanding. 

Charlotte, I am indebted to you for sharing him with me.


Anne Njuguna, Washington, District of Columbia




You will always live in our hearts and prayers.






I am deeply saddened to hear of Dr Jacobs' passing. He was a caring, and competent doctor who's only concern was our health and well-being. There are very few like him around. I will miss him sorely. My thoughts and prayers are with his family in what must be a difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.


Tawia Addo-Ashong, Falls Church, Virginia




My heartfelt condolences to Dr. Jacob's family. My husband and I are so sorry to hear of his untimely passing. He was the most passionate, caring, and dedicated physician I have ever known. His personal touch from the books he gave me to the conversations about family, health, and wellness inspired me to increase my health care focus. His humor, compassion, and forthrightness will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and may his memory provide you comfort and peace.


Iantha Gilmore, Potomac, Maryland




That Dr. Jacobs has passed is impossible to believe. I was just reading his post-physical letter to me this morning, before I had heard the news, chuckling out loud as he raked me over the coals for this and that -- when my colleague, also a patient of Dr. Jacobs walked in and told me the incredibly sad news. This guy saved my life 5 years ago by diagnosing a tumor in my pancreas at an early enough stage to have it removed and leave me cancer-free to this day (knock on wood). The Hopkins surgeon who took it out marveled at Doc Jacob's ability to find this kind of thing -- I remember he said "he is the best doctor in the country. He was. He cared deeply about his patients and was extremely aggressive in looking under every rock to "keep you alive." He was very funny, and we had many hilarious (as well as serious) talks over the years. My deepest condolences to the Jacobs family. He will never, ever be forgotten.


Bill Gehrig, Alexandria, Virginia




No one cared more than Dr. David Jacobs. I am devastated. When I moved from Washington DC to Memphis a year ago, I told him that I was still coming back to him for my physicals, and I meant it. My deepest sympathy to his family and to his extended family of patients. A wonderful man and a true mensch.


Gary Hahn, Memphis, Tennessee




Susan and I send our thoughts and prayers to David’s family. We are healthy because of his loving care for us. He will be missed. 


Jeremy Orchin, Jupiter, Florida




We are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of your beloved David. We did not get to meet him, but we heard such wonderful things about him through our friendship with Ilana. You all have our deepest sympathies.


Terri and Donald Mendelow, Dallas, Texas




In Saturday's mail was one of those very recognizable letters from Dr. Jacobs' office. In it was a lab test he had ordered – a simple note on it said “Marty – How are you? D”. I wish with all my heart that I could call him on Monday and tell him how I was doing. 

Since 1991, when Fran Katz Watson sent me to Dr. Jacobs, I have been getting those letters and the much longer yearly ones that told the story of this man's compassion and caring. He did indeed save my life and he changed my life's course a number of times. My daughter, Stella Stone, could well have not been here if it was not for him. I both loved and was scared of Dr. J. My wife says he was the only person I would always listen to. 

Dr. Jacobs created an amazing practice – he gathered around him a staff that loved his patients and he clearly elevated their work. He was a true leader. 

David had a great sense of humor and humanity. Few are the men who have gathered more sparks of good in their lives than Dr. David Jacobs. 

To David's family: Thank you for sharing him with all of us.


Marty Stone, Chevy Chase, Maryland




My sincerest condolences to Dr. Jacobs' family and staff. I am devastated by his passing. He was the most caring, comprehensive doctor I have ever met, with deep concern for the patient's body mind and spirit. He helped me through the effects caregivers stress resulting from my husbands prolonged illness and the effects of the grieving process following my husband's death. I also enjoyed his sense of humor and book recommendations. He will be deeply missed.


Lynnette le Mat, Arlington, Virginia




Dear Charlotte, Ilana, Aviva, Benjamin and Johnny,

The many entries here are wonderful tributes to your husband, father and brother that echo many of the themes we heard in the eulogies this morning. He was a blessing to humanity. Our heartfelt condolences to the whole family in this time of sudden loss. May the love of family, friends and the many people he touched through his gifts bring you solace.

Your cousins, Judy, John, Katie (Chris) and Jeff Jankowski




Sincere condolences to David's family... he touched the lives of so many... he will be missed, but remembered in our hearts!!
Warmest regards,

Bernadette Dunham, Hume, Virginia




Susi and I are so deeply saddened by this. We have returned to the US after 7 years abroad and brought a list of aliments and concerns to David who was deeply caring and started treating each in priority order with his relentless discipline, wild sense of humor and deep humanity. We will miss him greatly and wish we had more time with him. There are no words that we can offer his family except to say that measure of a life is how greatly one is missed when gone. 

Bill Haworth




My heart breaks for you all. Sending you warm hugs and healing prayers. Wish there was something to do to ease the pain. Stacey and Phil


Stacey Papier, Greensboro, North Carolina




My deepest condolences to Dr. Jacobs' surviving family members.  Dr. Jacobs accepted me as a patient when I was going through a complicated life threatening medical problem. I was in a horrible place. He was devoted and kind, helping me to fully recover. I will forever be in his debt for this and can never forget him. His sudden passing is a painful shock.


Thomas Lubeck, Tbilisi, Georgia




My sincere condolences to Dr. Jacobs family. He was a very caring physician with a unique point of view. He will be greatly missed.


Pamela Bernstein, Washington




To Charlotte, Aviva, Ilana and Benjamin,

Please accept our sincerest and deepest thoughts during this time of great mourning. We are so saddened by this tragic loss. Our hearts remain with you.
May David's name and memory be for blessings.

Barbara, Michael, Julianna, Samantha and Arielle




Keeping you and your children in our thoughts during this difficult time, Charlotte


Samantha Corey, Arlington, Virginia




My thoughts and prayers are with you Charlotte and your children. I owe my life to your husband and father. I deeply miss my beloved Dr. J.


Greg Kutrow, Washington, District of Columbia




David was a Godsend to our family when my husband Jamie was struck with advanced cancer in his forties. I'll never forget David's wisdom and compassion during our terrible 8 years. He was a true physician.


Susan Robinson, Lewes, Delaware




To Charlotte and Family- 
Heartfelt condolences to you all at such a sad and shocking loss.


Paul Blumenthal, Woodside, California




My deepest condolences to his family and his dedicated staff.

I was privileged to have known Dr David Jacobs. He is simply irreplaceable. 

I know his soul will rest in peace for all the good he has done.


Henry Kerali, Tbilisi, Georgia




Wow!!! I am in Shock and disbelief! I just landed in Cairo to the horrible news of Dr. J's sudden and unexpected passing. I know he's in a better place than we are, but I still can't believe he's gone. For over a decade Dr. J's been more than a Dr to me and my partner, he was a dear friend. I know he treated most of his patients this way. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. I am still trying to wrap my head around this as I am sure anyone who knew Dr. J is. He was a great man, interested in Peace and happiness for all those he touched with his kind soul. Rest in Peace old friend. We will miss you dearly...


Basel Dalloul, Washington, District of Columbia




I have just read all off the previous messages left so far and share so many of the same feelings. He was larger than life to me. I don't know what I would have done without him. There is no doubt he was a Godsend and there will be a huge vacuum left with his absence. He was one of a kind. Prayers go out to his family.


Pat Strauss, District of Columbia




Dear Charlotte, Aviva, Ilana and Benjamin,

Like so many others who have shared their thoughts here, David's devotion to me as his patient and friend truly enriched my life. I am a healthier person because of David and, more importantly, I am a better person because of David. He guided and supported me through many hard times in my life including prostate cancer, the loss of my father, and other issues large and small. David was truly joyful when things went well for me, going so far as to ask for photos of my children and even my motorcycle so that he could share in the joy that they brought me. We enjoyed long visits whenever I came in for treatment. His devotion to the four of you was obvious, and he spoke lovingly of you in almost every one of our conversations. Indeed, I'm sure that David's great compassion and devotion was the result of the love and support that you all gave to him. 

Over the years I came to regard David as a brother, and I will miss him every day of my life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful man and gifted physician with the rest of us.


David Palmer




Sharmila and I are shocked at this sad news and send our sincerest condolences to Dr. Jacob's family and coworkers. He was a very strong personality and well meaning in caring for his patients.


Sanjiv Kapur, Washington, District of Columbia




I was a patient of Dr. J's for over 25 years. Our appointments turned to conversations on family, history, books. I always felt I was going to see friend who just wanted to keep me healthy so I could keep enjoying my life. My sadness is tempered by my gratitude for his care and my fond memories of him.


Fredy Babb, Washington, District of Columbia




Dear Charlotte and family:

We were truly saddened when we heard about this. Please know that you have many friends. 

Your cousins,

Marvin & Terri Lopata, South Bend, Indiana




Our family is so saddened by David's untimely death. Our hearts go out to Charlotte, Aviva, Ilana & our special friend Ben Rhonda, Richard, Emily, Keith & Josh


Rhonda Brandes, North Potomac, Maryland




I just don't know what to say. I just saw David on Tuesday and I can not believe he is gone. He has been like a wise brother to me--caring, loving, and on top of everything. I will miss him so much. Although I do not know his family, please accept my sympathies. We have lost a great man who is loved by so many.


Tim Krause, Washington, District of Columbia




It was a privilege to know Dr. Jacobs. He created, raised, loved, challenged and inspired my very dear friend, Aviva Jacobs. I thank him so much for bringing such a wonderful person into this world. His family is a true testament to what an amazing person he was. Love to the entire Jacobs family and my deepest sympathies.


Vicky Wilkens, Atlanta




I believe that Dr Jacobs cured me of at least two life threatening diseases. His level of skill and his intense compassion can never be replaced. When he would ball me out, he could bring me way down, but when he was proud of me, I'd bounce right back stronger than ever.   My condolences to his family, his staff, and all who knew him.


Allan Horlick, Washington, District of Columbia




Dr. Jacobs gave our family the blessings of improved health and happiness for many years. I know many others, like me, are saddened by his untimely death. May God provide comfort to his family, his caring staff, and to his many patients and friends.


David Brock, Zephyr Cove, Nevada




Description: news of Dr. Jacob's passing, is devastating. I have known Dr. Jacobs for over 10 years. This man was truly an angel from God. And like, so many others have stated, he cared not just for me but for my entire family. His goal was to have his patients live happy, healthy and forever! Through all the tears, and heaviness of my heart, God reminded me that he allowed my life to be made richer because of this angel and I will celebrate his life forever in my heart. What a legacy and what an example set before us…a man that loved God, a man that loved his wife and children so very deeply, a man that loved his fellow man, regardless of ethnicity, a man of integrity, a man that aspired everyday to do his absolute best and go beyond the call of duty for others, a man that laughed and brought joy to the hearts of many, a man that had a tremendous sense of humor, a man that truly CARED! Dr. Jacobs, the challenge that you have set before me and others, is to strive to live a life of selfless and God-given purpose. Thank you Dr. Jacobs…you will forever be loved …..and eventually the tears will turn to laughter.

My deepest condolences to your beautiful wife and children.


Myra Dudley-Byrd, Rockville, Maryland




Dr. J saved me after my husband died. He was an incredible doctor and friend. My prayers are with his family.


Caroline Blakely




I have been David's patient for more than 25 years, and I am shocked and saddened by his loss. When I saw him less than three weeks ago, he was so full of life and energy. My deepest condolences to his family and to his countless other patients who were fortunate enough to benefit from his superb medical skills and compassionate nature.


Mary Levy, Bethesda, Maryland




I will miss you so much, Dr Jacobs.


Flavio Guimaraes, Washington, District of Columbia




Over the years I was privileged to share in the care of many of his patients, and to call him my friend . All of his patients knew that Dr. Jacobs watched over every aspect of their lives, and that he would walk through fire for them. His patients, his friends and his family have suffered a great loss. We will all miss him terribly.


Mark Klein, Washington, District of Columbia




Memories of David and my husband on the soccer fields, cheering and "coaching" our daughters Aviva and Johanna, always make me smile. My heart goes out to all the family. May his memory be a blessing.


Yvonne Paretzky, Potomac, Maryland




Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Jacob's family. My wife Pati Meduna and I were patients, and his remarkable commitment to our health and welfare made a world of difference to us. He was a wonderful, caring individual who both of us will miss greatly.


Erik Peterson, Bethesda, Maryland




Very sad news to hear of the passing of our friend David.

Ronit & Joel Berman - Israel




Dr. Jacobs was the most caring doctor I have ever known. I came under his care eight years ago and he was passionate about caring for my health. I've never met another doctor like him and sure that I will not meet someone like him again. He not only wanted to know about my health, he cared about everything going on in my life and explained to me how it affected my health. He drove his patients to take care of themselves. His legacy is enormous and he will be greatly missed by those who were blessed to spend time with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.




Dr. Jacobs was a client and a dear friend since 1991. He helped me get my business started and was a large part of our success particularly in the early years. He minced no words and if you did not like the truth you would not like David Jacobs. He lived for his Family and his patients and his employees and I cannot imagine life for those who knew and loved him so dearly without his humbling presence. My thoughts, love and prayers go to his family and his staff.


David Dickson, Chapel Hill, North Carolina




You will be so missed by us all. You cared so much. You saved my life and many others. You changed lives. You made a difference.


Chrystal Kern, Stafford, Virginia




We are all so saddened by this news. It is so difficult to imagine life without David. David was a great friend and Dr. J was an incredible Doctor. He saved my life and he saved my son's life. He was always there for all of us – my wife, my sons, my father, my father-in-law, my partner, my friends – whomever, whatever and whenever – Dr. J was always there. We send good thoughts and prayers to his family, staff and friends during this incredibly difficult time. David wouldn't want us to be as sad as we all are today but then again, he was used to us not doing everything he wanted us to do. I really can't do it this time David.


Richard Spigler, Washington, District of Columbia




Maxine and I are so sorry to hear of the passing of David. Our condolences go out to Charlotte and the entire family. May David's memory be only for a blessing.


Jerry Halasz, Dayton, Ohio




Dr. Jacobs will miss you friend.


Osia Olds, Washington, District of Columbia




My wife Barbara and I became patients of Dr Jacobs just in the last year. He was amazing. He truly cared about his patients. He will be sorely missed


John Lubratich, Ashburn




Shocked by this sad news. David is my first cousin. Prayers go out to his family. David's Mom & my dad were brother & sister.


Sherri Oxler Dangerfield, Charleston, South Carolina




I am totally shocked and very deeply saddened. I have been his patient for almost 29 years. He was strong in his mannerism, upset me, guided me and pushed me in new medical and personal directions. Through this he twice saved my life (cancer and heart disease), While my wife, another of his patients, knew more about Dr. J personally, he sure knew about our family. His most important trait was his caring. There was no gray area - he cared. He treated every single incident of mine, my wife's and my son's as though we were his family and the most important people in the world. I could go on, and literally have gone on for hours about conversations with Dr. J. From the books he gave me to the more personal. There are so, so many. He has been a material part of our family fabric. We will miss him dearly. He was a gifted man. Our prayers go out to his family and loved ones. 

Mark Larsen, Oak Hill, VA




Dr. Jacobs was an excellent clinician, provided the best health care anyone could ask for, and truly was concerned with all health issues. He was a caring, wonderful doctor, and he will truly be missed. My prayers to all his family.

David R. Rogowski Virginia




We are devastated. David was a treasure -- a generous, caring, brilliant doctor and a true friend. We would never have survived our four and a half years in Washington without him. We send you all our love and deepest condolences at this terribly sad time.

Sally and Michael Oren, Tel Aviv




The world is a much sadder place following this unfathomable and incalculable loss of a dear, respected, and beloved colleague. He lived for his family and his patients, and there has never been anyone more dedicated to both. It is an incalculable tragedy that we will no longer be able to bask in his brilliance, but a blessing indeed to have briefly experienced that radiance.


Jerold M. Share, MD, Washington, District of Columbia




My heart and thoughts are with Dr. Jacobs's family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. My staff and I are absolutely devastated. We worked with Dr. Jacobs for many years and absolutely loved him. He has done so much good in his life and will always be remembered. My dear friend David, I will miss you dearly.


Ahmed Kilani, Gaithersburg, Maryland




I am so shocked and saddened by this news. Dr. J saved my life and I am blessed to have known him.


Tracy Angulo, Reston, Virginia




My husband and I owned the transcription service that Dr. David Jacobs utilized for many years. Not only did we get to know him through the innumerable conversations we had with him, but also we very much appreciated the level of competence he provided as a physician, and the genuine care and concern he had for all of his patients. All those within his care will be hard pressed to find another physician who will render the same quality of care and service as Dr. Jacobs provided. He was an excellent physician. Our heartfelt condolences at the loss of Dr. Jacobs. Positive thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


Bill & Connie Banford, Upper Marlboro, Maryland




May God rest his soul. My condolences to his family.


Raluca Focsaneanu, Rockville, Maryland